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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

Curious about weddings at Wallowa River Camp Resort? Unclear about our services or the vendors we work with? We’re here to help. Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions we receive from many of our clients. We’ve tried to answer all of your questions and concerns, but please get in touch if you still can’t find what you’re looking for. One of our staff members will be sure to help you out.

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What is the maximum occupancy for weddings?

The Wallowa River Camp Resort can accommodate 150 guests. (up to 24 guests may stay in the home, home use for these guest only)

Is there a quiet time for your venue?

Yes, the city ordinance has a quiet time of 9:30 pm.

Is there camping on site at your venue?

There is room for 1 camp trailer, $25 per night, dry camping, no hookups. There is housing for 24 guest to stay in the home. We have recommendations for local camping. We also recommend Vacasa for any extra housing for guests.

Does the Wallowa River Camp Resort provide tents and outdoor heaters?

We do NOT provide tents. We recommend Eastern Oregon Rentals.

We do provide outdoor heaters during Off season weddings. 

Do you set up the tables and chairs or do we?

You are responsible for setting up and arranging the tables and chairs however you like! If you want to hire Cindy B as a wedding planner- send us a message!


The Wallowa River Camp

Wedding or Party Contract

This contract defines the terms and conditions under which The Wallowa River Camp and You (client) agrees to the use of The Wallowa River Camp facilities on your event date.

Please read through the following carefully and click agree at the bottom of document stating that you have read through and agree to the following binding contract. 

Tables/Chairs: Tables and chairs are included in your rental rate. You are responsible for set up and take down. We require that you wipe down tables and chairs prior to putting them back in the trailer. Also, please pick up the tables and chairs instead of dragging or rolling them. Damage done or dirty items returned will be subject to a $500 fee charged on your card on file. By replying to this email, I agree to this charge to be added to my card on file if I don’t return the tables and chairs in the same condition they were delivered.

Noise: The Wallowa River Camp is in a residential neighborhood. By choosing to host your event in a residential neighborhood means strict adherence to the quiet hours and you are responsible to “keep the neighborhood peace” by limiting music, speeches, toasts, etc. as outlined above. If you exceed this timeframe, and a site visit is required you will be charged $500 for every site visit. You agree to pay the fines associated with going over the quiet time (9:30 pm).

It is required that you provide us with a working cell phone number that will be answered for the day of your event. (This is best to not be the groom or bride as you will have many things on your big day to attend to, but if we have a concern, it is that person that will handle a call vs. requiring a site visit).


My designated person of contact is:

Relationship to couple:

Phone number:

Fireworks, fires and charcoal BBQ’s are not allowed at any time. Charcoal BBQ’s and propane firepits are allowed on a case by case (season) basis. It is YOUR responsibility to monitor the allowances and contract. Agent to determine what is and is not permissible during your time at your event.

Grounds Care: We maintain about an acre of lawns with mature landscaping. Great care is given to our yard and flower beds. You are welcome to use this maintained yard for your wedding. We provide a permanent dance floor for your use. Please be careful of placing aisle carpets down too early as they get hot and can scorch the grass and if this happens, repairs to grass will be above and beyond your fees associated with this contract. No driving on the lawn!

SECURITY: The Wallowa River Camp does not accept any responsibility for damage to or loss of any articles or property left prior to, during or after your event. The CLIENT agrees to be responsible for any damage done to our grounds or facility by the CLIENT, their guests, invitees, employees, or other agents under the CLIENT’s control. Further, The Wallowa River Camp shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any kind or character to any person or property caused by or arising from any act or omission of the CLIENT, or any of his guests, invitees, employees or other agents from any accident or causality occasioned by the failure of the CLIENT to maintain the premises in a safe condition or arising from any other cause. The CLIENT, as a material part of the consideration of this agreement, hereby waives on its behalf all claims and demands against The Wallowa River Camp for any such loss, damage, or injury of the CLIENT, and hereby agrees to indemnify and hold The Wallowa River Camp and it’s Agents free and harmless from all liability for any such loss, damage or injury to other persons, and from all costs and expenses arising there from, including but not limited to attorney fees.

ALCOHOL: As the host of a private party, the CLIENT acknowledges responsibility for the proper and lawful consumption of alcoholic beverages at The Wallowa River Camp during the duration of the event described in this contract.


Our standard cancellation policy

For any new reservation, you can cancel within 24 hours of booking and receive a full refund. (Heads up, exceptions apply for last-minute bookings.)

After that, cancel at least 30 days before check-in and receive a refund in your original form of payment, minus the booking fee and associated taxes.

Post Event Cleanup:

1. Wash all dishes used and put away

2. Take garbage to outside cans located in the south shed. If they are full, please take to the garbage trailer

located over by the parking lot entry.

3. Strip used beds of sheets and cases and used towels, put in 2 piles in the main bathroom.

4. Leave heat at 55 (winter months)

5. Lock all doors and windows.

6. Wipe down tables and chairs before placing back in the trailer.

7. Remove any nails/push pins that you put up (arch, silo bar, bridal cottage, dance pavilion)

8. Walk grounds and pick up any litter/bottles/cans/garbage

9. If you rented linens, return them in the bags that were provided at drop off. If you used items from the

shed please return them!

If you check out before 10 am please let us know 541.398.1844

Should you need any help or have any questions prior to your event please call Jada @ 541.263.2080 or email

Once you have booked and have agreed to the above terms and conditions- please reply to this email with the


• Bride and Groom Name:

• Address:

• Telephone:

• Email address:

• Approximate number of guests:

• My designated person of contact is:

• Relationship to couple:

• Phone number:

• And that you agree to the terms and conditions

Extra Notes:

This large home offers 2 living rooms, 2 kitchens, 1 den, 1 bunkroom, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, private deck, and lower patio area. Accommodations for 3 nights in the peak season and 2 nights in the mid/off season for up to 24 people is included in the all-inclusive wedding package. The home may be used for your family, but we ask that you don't hold any of the festivities inside.

BRIDAL COTTAGE: The perfect place for you and your girls to get ready for the day. This adorable cabin is located in the green grass area, has several large mirrors, and extra seating for the additional ladies of the bride that like to be included in the big day.

GRAIN SILO BAR: This lovely grain silo bar is located in the green grass area and is new in 2019. This adorable bar has a rock floor, beautiful wood bar, and really is the most perfect place for hosting all of your beverages!

DANCE PAVILION: The perfect place for your band or DJ to set up and for the first dance as husband and wife. The pavilion has electricity, wood floor, a wood roof, and plenty of room for you and your Guests to dance! The dance floor is 20X20 with 2 110 outlets.

PRIVIES: The cutest little necessities this side of Oregon! Located in the green grassy area, these 2 adorable privies are one of the most photographed spots of the Wallowa River Camp Resort.

ARCH: The wooden arch is set in the perfect location to have the Wallowa Mountains as your backdrop. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous!

YARD GAMES: A big highlight for the rehearsal dinner! The games include a sand pit volleyball area, 2 horseshoe pits, as well as yard games such as cornhole, and ladder golf. These are portable (except the volleyball and horseshoes) so you can enjoy these in the grassy area, the parking area, or down by the river.

TABLES & CHAIRS: Lifetime tables and chairs will be delivered in an enclosed trailer. We can provide up to 25 oblong, 25 round, and 150 chairs. Tables are 5ft for round and 6ft for rectangle. We will get your wedding count approximately 4 weeks prior to arrival.

PARKING: Large acre of parking inside the entrance of the Wallowa River Camp Resort is perfect for your Guests. Close proximity to the entrance of the green grassy area making it friendly for all ages. There is NO driving on the lawn. Do not block the lane.

RV TRAILER: Space for one trailer down past the parking area nestled in the trees (NO TENTS). $25 fee/per night. No hookups, dry camping.

OFF/MID SEASON: Large outdoor heaters are available for your use.

Also, an assortment of decorations are available for your use such as wine barrels, antique wash bin drink holder, vases, wood rounds, small tin pails, lace table runners, old ladders, old doors, etc. (Please call or email for an

extensive list)

A few things that are NOT included in your package:

• linens

• tents

• photographer

• music/sound systems/DJs etc

• plates/cups/silverware for your wedding Guests

• food/catering/beverages

• flowers.

If you need recommendations for these vendors, we would be happy to help!

Wedding Contract, Pricing, FAQ's, Policies: Text
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